First things first… Welcome to this space!


I have been blogging (on and off) for about 10 years now and the reason why I started was to connect to my family and friends in Brazil, as I had recently moved to Denmark.

So the first posts were about my adaptation in this cold scandinavian country, the cultural differences and lifestyle. With time I stopped nurturing my blog, as I was too busy with work, building a family and things were faster via Facebook. But because I am a workaholic, I went down with stress (twice) and I realised that writing helps med feel connected.

So here I am again, writing and redesigning my blog, after 1 year and a half long pause. I want to share with you my way of copping with stress, being a foreigner and yet feeling that this is my true real home and how my husband and I have managed to build a dailylife, that suits our family.

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PS: my blog will primarily be in English (as I still make mistakes with the Danish grammar – and I think it’s annoying to ask someone else to correct my posts whenever I feel like writing) and because I don’t believe I can bring my message to so many people (from both my countries) if I only write in Portuguese. 

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